Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN)

Dacorum has two Speech and Language bases supporting children and young people locally and across West Hertfordshire.

Longdean Speech and Language base is the only Secondary base in the west of the County. Please visit their website to find out more about support for parents and teaching staff: Visit the website – CLICK HERE

Chaulden Infants and Nursery School caters for up to 10 pupils with statements of SEN for speech, language and communication disorders within West Herfordshire. Please contact them through their website – CLICK HERE

Elklan was established in 1999 by two experienced speech and language therapists Liz Elks and Henrietta McLachlan in response to a demand for training to be delivered by speech and language therapists to education staff to enable them to be more effective in their support of children with speech, language and communication needs. Visit www.elklan.co.uk for more information.

Dacorum DSPL is funding training for all DSPL8 teaching staff, from early years settings up to secondary schools.

NVQ level 3 Qualification in Speech and Language Support for 11-16 year olds – email p.hickey@longdean.herts.sch.uk at Longdean Speech and Language Base for more information.

ELKLAN training for early years and primary schools – Email abigail.bude@hct.nhs.uk to find out more and book